My name is Addie Miller.
I am a daughter of Carver County and I am running for the Minnesota State Senate.

I grew up in Victoria, I went to Jonathan Elementary, Chaska Middle School, Chaska High School. I remember when Floyd’s was Leo’s, when the Burrow was a grocery store. I did my first FFA corn drive with my dad’s Chevy in Carver and Dahlgren. I taught my dog how to swim in Lake Waconia, took my first horseback riding lessons just across the river in Chaska. After graduating in 2010 from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri with a degree in Equestrian Science, then graduating from William Mitchell College of Law in 2013, I moved to Illinois for just three years to work at a world-class horse training farm before I came right back to settle down in Watertown. This is my home.

Here on our family farm in Watertown, my parents taught my brother and I the values of hard work, determination, grace in the face of adversity, and doing the right thing. Throughout college, then law school, and onto my work with horses, families, and the district, I’ve seen these values in our community, I’ve watched Carver County continue to grow and thrive. I can’t imagine growing up or living anywhere else.
Carver County is unique in both its history and its potential. It’s one of the few places where you can drive past a family farm that’s been passed down for generations and get to a blossoming neighborhood filled with young families. We care for each other here, we cherish our resources, and we lend a helping hand when needed. We believe in affordable healthcare, mental health support, and strong schools, farms, and small local businesses.

I believe in us. I believe we do things not simply because it benefits us, but because it’s the right thing to do. We know what’s right for us and we know we’re stronger together. We have a louder voice than people think. It’s time those representing us in St. Paul rise above all the noise and negativity to make that voice heard and make Carver County proud.

I’m running for Minnesota State Senate to highlight the values that bring us together and ensure that this community can be as incredible for future generations as it has been for me.